Teleki Blanka Secondary Grammar School

Welcome to our website!

Our secondary grammar school Budapest XIV. Kerületi Teleki Blanka Gimnázium has been in service of the National Educational System for 150 years. Our motto is “traditions oblige”, and in accordance we adhere to traditions, still we adopt new ideas and educational tools to prepare our students for the future.


  • Every year we initiate the education of four new groups of students, the educational scheme takes either four or five years
  • In both types of schemes the students have the opportunity to apply for various intense curriculum courses with focus on: Biology-Chemistry (complex), Mathematics, History and Foreign Languages (English and German).
  • We offer instruction in the following foreign languages: English, German, Italian, French
  • The projects we participate in: Erasmus+ and Határtalanul as well as other student exchange programs provide the chance for sharing experience at international level
  • Our Institution has received the labels Ecological Institution and also Outstanding Center of Creativity
  • Number of students at our school: 670
  • Number of teachers employed: 50

„TELEKI” means „TELEKI”. It is not a “racehorse stable” , neither an afternoon teaclub. Here not only highly gifted students but also contemplative advancers can find their place just as it happens in life. The majority of our students are admitted to Colleges and Universities, they find their place in all walks of life: Science, Culture and Economy. Many come back to our school as teachers, actually we have a saying: “There are three types of people: ex-, current-, and future students of Teleki”. We are proud that at present twelve Teleki graduates are employed at the school as teachers.